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Travel Calculators

Mileage Between Cities Distance Chart  Mileage Between Cities

Calculate the mileage between cities for your next road trip. Choose from select city pairs to see approx. travel distance. If you are driving a long distance, be sure to view the time zone map for time zone changes and our hotel search page for accomodations.

Metric Conversion Calculator  Convert Miles to Kilometers

If you are travelling on vacation outside of the U.S. and need a metric conversion, use this calculator to convert miles to kilometers. Check distance converting miles to kilometers. Just enter in the amount of miles and this calculator will convert to the appropriate amount of kms.

Gas Mileage Calculator  Calculate Miles Per Gallon

Determine mileage ratio and your approximate miles driven per month, or even year. This handy tool is great for checking gas mileage on long road trips, but also for approx. budgeting how much driving you do on a regular basis.